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Your turn key business intelligence dashboard solution makes it easy to visualize your data and make critical business decisions today.

Our Glimpse analytics service shows you real-time data from all your systems with beautiful interactive dashboards.  Industrial-strength ActiVate®  connectors from Activ Technologies ensure superior data quality.  And we do all the configuration, installation, and management for you.

ERP Integration

A national marketer combines details from four different regional ERP systems (Dynamics, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP). Controls select regions and date range. What-if sales analysis test impacts of changes to close rate and average deal size. A cohort analysis shows customer retention. Expected sales impact of upcoming events is displayed. Brand cross-selling is analyzed with a profit growth analysis by market.

Leads Pipeline for Marketing and Sales

The Leads Pipeline model integrates marketing and sales data and clever controls to let the CMO forecast leads and sales, and also adjust allocation of marketing dollars to maximize sales and reduce customer acquisition cost. A visible leads funnel updates instantly with drill downs on lead source, product, region, and industry. Deal size and close rate by industry update with drill downs.

Industry 4.0

The Industry 4.0 dashboard gives insights into top customers, products, shipping locations, and overall equipment effectiveness with controls to select from each of four production sites and by date range. Factory insights show machines, machine age, hourly operating cost, and machine OEE, with drilldowns by site, cell, machine, operator and date range. The same drilldowns track each sales order shipped.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management dashboard combines data from warehouses in seven international cities, showing inventory quantity, value, and restocking cost by warehouse. Sales and profits by warehouse, customer, and SKU are shown. Best and worst performing products are called out, and sales turns by SKU are plotted with an intuitive bubble plot. Controls enable drilldown by product, customer, vendor, warehouse, and date range.

Multi Year Performance Analysis

The Multi Year Performance Analysis serves the CFO and CSO with a revealing 30 Day Moving Average and cumulative sales comparisons for current year versus each of last two years of data. Current and previous years’ sales by channel are called out. Rankings show sales by US city, and this year versus last year sales are plotted so that outliers stand out. Controls allow selection of channel, individual customer, product, and date range.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

This intensely-graphical dashboard shows marketing costs and resulting sales by region, campaign, and strategy with a selectable date range. Marketing spend by date and cumulative marketing costs year to date are shown. An amazing graphic shows marketing costs by strategy and by campaign across a selected timeline.

Manufacturing Operations

This information-packed dashboard gives an overview of sales and manufacturing including a detailed book-to-build report, book to build details, a summary of holds by warehouse, sales status, and hold status, and overdue details by department and cause. A breakdown of sales amount by overdue duration highlights outliers. An Annual tab plots order book volume by month and production by product line by month.

Product Sales Insights

This product sales dashboard offers deep insights into product sales, with quarter over quarter comparisons, margin comparison, sales and margin by customer, and breakdowns by region, city, and channel. Sales and margin change by city are plotted. Controls allow direct selection of product and date range. Multiple simultaneous drill downs offer selection by region, city, customer, and channel.

Employee Data Summary

A compendium of employee data with controls and drilldowns to select and cross-select by employment type, age range, gender, ethnicity, region, department, role, age. Total salary costs, tenure, average salary, number of employees are shown. Report tabs provide insight by the individual, department, and gender and ethnicity. A forecast report reveals head count and salary cost changes by region, department, role, and employment type.

Covid-19 US Tracking and Readiness

This intensely analytical dashboard offers 8 tabs populated with frequently-refreshed Covid-19 CDC data. Daily cases by state and locality are tracked within the US. New cases are shown by selectable date range. Employee health status is tracked, including use of public transportation. Dashboards for facility readiness, cleaning frequency, risk factors, and a cash flow analysis prototype are shown.

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