Disruption Recovery Planning for Supply Chain Using Data Analytics

Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee

Product Manager, Glimpse.SX Analytical Products

The Nature of Disruption

Supply chain disruption recovery takes skill to overcome.  These interruptions and disruptions can take many forms.  Each has the potential to harm your bottom line and crush your customer goodwill.  Examples of common supply chain interruptions could include the common occurrences such as product outages, supplier outages, truck and rail delays, surge or decrease in demand and strikes.

At left, ships queue up, waiting to dock in the ports of LA and Long Beach. Record numbers of ships backed up in 2020-2021 due to supply chain disruption.

Four Special Tools for Supply Chain Interruption and Disruption Planning

In the White Paper you can access here, we’ll look at how you can use supply chain analytics to accomplish some of the critical tasks you need to recognize your vulnerability to supply chain disruptions and plan for recovery.  

Although these are certainly not the only tasks, the goal here is to demonstrate how you can use a powerful tool like Glimpse.SX to collect real-time data from your ERP, MRP, CRM, WMS, and other systems. Next, we’ll show you how you can use sophisticated but easy-to-use tools to assess your vulnerabilities and, furthermore, plan for recovery from that doomsday event.

We have listed below an overview of the four tools today.  In the White Paper we show each one populated with actual product data and configured to demonstrate how you could use them when you find a supply chain interruption or disruption on your hands.

Important Conclusions

The data you need for supply chain analytics to help you with supply chain interruption and disruption recovery planning is available in your systems.  To sum up, analytics are easy to assemble, visualize, and interpret with a powerful analytics tool like Glimpse.SX.

In addition in the White Paper we’ll take a deeper dive into the valuable assortment of analytical tools that would help identify significant supply chain dependencies.  In addition,  we’ll show how we can quickly configure Glimpse.SX tools to gather, cleanse, and transform data from any number of MRP, ERP, CRM, or WMS systems.  Intelligent business rules implemented as microservices in the cloud bring data into Glimpse visualizations.

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