Payment Protection Program – Loan Forgiveness Calculator

Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee

Product Manager, Glimpse.SX Analytical Products

🔈 The entire PPP Program has been at the top of everyone’s minds. If you are like me, you’re likely asking “Will it be forgiven?” or “Can I save my people?” or “Can I save my company?”

With the help of one of my Vistage colleagues, Sean Taylor, we have something that may be helpful.

As a Partner in Charge for Smith & Howard, Sean shared with us an excel worksheet to calculate PPP forgiveness during the #Covid19 crisis.

I took the spreadsheet a step further and created a PPP Forgiveness “What-If” estimation visualization dashboard.

If you would like a copy at no charge of the underlying spreadsheet, with the ability to get results to the penny, fill in the request form and it will be immediately sent to you.


Please forward this to anyone you know dealing with PPP Forgiveness so they can get a Glimpse of what they can expect.


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