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Lee Blackstone


With a career spanning 20+ years working for large companies and 25+ years as an entrepreneur, Lee has a passion for driving client success, measured by the fact that over 80% of our clients’ project owners receive bonuses or promotions as a result of the solutions we’ve delivered. With broad and deep global industry experience, Lee is uniquely qualified to bring cross-industry solutions to complex problems. As an entrepreneur, his focus has been to assemble a team of “A Players” who have the same passion and drive for ensuring client success by providing elegant solutions to complex problems.

Michael Albright

Principal - Business Development

Michael has a driving desire to work with his clients to first understand the business requirements and apply these requirements to highly innovative technology, software and services solutions. Michael throughout his career has valued his ability to provide these high value solutions to clients and form long term successful business relationships.

Jason Biske

Principal - Business Development

Jason is an accomplished Executive with extensive leadership experience and demonstrated performance history in the information technology and services industry. He has in-depth experience in conceptualizing and implementing strategic initiatives to propel corporate goals, objectives, drive multi-million dollar revenue increases and expand business development opportunities.

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