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  • Use any of the sliders to vary the date range or the marketing spend for each lead source.   
  • Click on any of the graphics on any dashboard to filter the reports by lead source, product, geo, industry, or combination.  
  • On the Forecast dashboard, you’ll see the Leads Pipeline, Total Marketing Spend, and Total Sales update instantly as you vary your proposed marketing spend for each lead source. 

Get the free model & cmo guide to the leads pipeline

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You can download the Guide to Leads Pipelines for the CMO, and get the example leads pipeline model used as an example in the guide, by downloading the guide and model here.

The Excel spreadsheet has example data shown in the guide.  You can plug in your own data to build your own pipeline model and forecast your sales in any future month.


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why glimpse?

The world is changing. Simple things like traveling across the country will never be the same again. But that could be a good thing. Instead of worrying about things you can’t control, let’s take a Glimpse of the future. 

Glimpse by Blackstone+Cullen is your first step in transforming your data to work for you and give you actionable insights into your organization. Our library of configurable dashboard templates and API connectors, Glimpse can be up and running in less than two months, compared to over six months for an on-premise solution. 

  • Transform your data
  • Actionable Insight to your organization
  • Configurable dashboard templates
  • Up and running in very little time
  • Extreme data security

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