Get the Guide and a working pipeline model in excel

This guide will teach you how to model our own leads pipeline and how to get started optimizing your lead generation.

In this insightful resource you'll find answers to:

What does your marketing model look like? Is it effectively measuring the success of your lead generation? Is it showing you where and how to adjust your budget when you see a 0.5% decrease or increase?

Any marketer knows that without intelligent marketing your sales will dwindle. That's why understanding and being proactive about your pipeline is the number one thing you can do to propel your sales forward.

Want to understand how to get more out of your budget?

get the guide and a working pipeline model in excel

The guide will teach you how the math behind leads pipeline works, in practical terms.
You can follow the model shown in the guide using the included Excel spreadsheet.

When you’re ready, clone the Excel spreadsheet, install your own lead sources, include your leads data, calculate your own lead source yields and close rates, and you’ll have a complete working leads pipeline for your own marketing and sales operation. 

Glimpse allows you to gather data from multiple sources across your organization and view them on one interactive screen. Compare and contrast from each source. 

Understanding the best performing lead sources is now a breeze and we can help you with that first step.  With the Excel spreadsheet we provide you can enter your own lead sources and data and calculate your own lead source yields as well as close rates.

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pipeline clarity

  • Determine the dollar amount needed to increase close rate
  • Know where to spend your next $ for lead generation
  • Build your own lead pipeline
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