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With businesses across the world being affected by Covid-19 we brought together a panel of experts to discuss how business intelligence tools are an essential part of the road to recovery.

This is a game changer.  Business Intelligence Tools are not new but they have come a long way and are an essential partner in understanding any manufacturing or supply chain.

With offices being closed for multiple months due to Covid-19, many businesses are now considering how and when to start making a phased return.  Data is key. How are you gathering it and interpreting it?  Are you using your business intelligence tools efficiently enough to make those tough calls to determine health, safety and readiness?

Hosted by George Fandos

Hosted by Don Mick

What is Conversion Rate?

“Conversion rate” can refer to any of four different meanings, depending on the context of the marketing or sales conversation.  As a marketing director, manager, or CMO, you

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