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Glimpse Day One Ready

Your turn key business intelligence dashboard solution makes it easy to visualize your data and make critical business decisions today.

Your Partner in Artificial Intelligence

Blackstone Cullen aligns with clients to identify advanced objectives and embed customized artificial intelligence strategies that act in "hyper-efficient" ways, enabling speed and flexibility in decision making without slowing down operations.
Whether you need help getting your artificial intelligence project from concept to production with a customized solution, onsite expertise or advice, Blackstone+Cullen is the partner for you.

A Dashboard for Everyone

Consolidate your data into easy and actionable insights with just a Glimpse.

More Than Just Supply Chain Analytics

Interested in the future of your supply chain? Blackstone+Cullen's Supply Chain Analytics is the simplest way to cut your inventory costs by performing real-time business analytics.
Managing your supply chain and inventory may seem like an impossible task, which is why Blackstone+Cullen have created a software platform dubbed "GlimpseSX".
Apart from dashboards with live analytics to easily view various metrics, GlimpseSX is completely configurable to give you the specific insights you need to monitor in your organization.

Webinars Every Wednesday

We get it. Glimpse is too good to be true. We host webinars every Wednesday so you can see it in action, or if you can’t make it, check out one of our previous sessions.

Stay In The Know

Get the latest thoughts from our team on how to manage and handle the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

COVID-19 Resources Now Available!

There’s a lot of confusing back-to-work information out there.  We’ve narrowed down the CDC guidelines into an easy to understand check list.

Titans Of The Industry

We have over 30 years of consulting under our belt with a laundry list of clients.  Our success is measured by your success. Glimpse is the culmination of all our knowledge condensed and packaged; however, we recognize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Feel free to reach out if you have any other ideas on how we might fit into your team.